Communications Report - April 2019

In the last newsletter, we talked about all the plans we were dreaming and drafting. Now, I get to tell you that most of those plans have officially come to life! Continue reading

Volunteer Report - April 2019

How is it already April?! I guess it's true what they say, "Time flies when you're having fun", and it really flies when you're having fun with great people, working together to make a difference in the world! Continue reading

CCBR Youth Internship

Having worked with dozens of local, provincial, and national pro-life organizations across the country, I’ve heard time and again that youth are the life blood of Canada’s pro-life movement. Yet many of these same groups have expressed a dire shortage of the exact young men and women that they know would drive back the current bleakness of our nation’s adamant acceptance of abortion.   Continue reading

Motion to Expand Rural Abortion Access Close to Defeat!

What is Motion 514? On March 2, 2017 Marie Renaud, an NDP MLA, introduced motion 514 for the consideration of the legislature, which called for the expansion of abortion access in rural Alberta. Continue reading

Communications Report - February 2019

  I’m so excited to be officially introducing myself to you! My name is Katie and this year I’ve officially taken over The Wilberforce Project’s communications and donor engagement! Continue reading

Volunteer Report - February 2019

  It's such a privilege to introduce myself to all of our members and supporters. I initially started out with The Wilberforce Project as a volunteer myself and then doing some administrative tasks for just less than a year. And, at the beginning of January I took on the role of Director of Volunteer Engagement! I just feel extremely blessed and very excited to take on this new role and the work associated with it.  Continue reading

Political Report - February 2019

  The United Conservative Party’s (UCP) nomination process is almost wrapped up, with only 6 ridings (out of 87) left to vote. If your riding hasn’t voted, please take out a membership and get involved in the process!  Continue reading