The Wilberforce Project is working to pass the first pro-life law in Canada...

And you can help us make that a reality.  

We are a registered non-profit and do not have charitable status due to our political activity.  We receive no public funding and rely solely on the generous, dedicated pro-lifers who are investing now for a more pro-life future. 

If that sounds like you, then you can give four different ways.

1. Online with a credit card below (monthly or onetime)

2. Monthly through your bank account - please use this form.

3. Mail a Cheque - Payable to The Wilberforce Project and mailed to PO Box 44121 Garside, Edmonton, AB T5V 1N6.

4. Over the phone with a credit card (780-421-7747 please note that we do not have a dedicated receptionist so you may need to leave a message and our administrative team will call you back)

A personal note: If possible, would you consider a monthly donation, even if it is small?  We have a team of Albertans who donate monthly, anywhere from $10 to $500 a month.  A monthly gift funds more long-term, sustainable projects and help us plan our future strategies with more financial confidence.    

Thank you for standing for more information, more support, and more protection for girls, women and the pre-born from the harms of abortion!

Together We Win!

*If you're already a monthly contributor and would like to change your donation amount please call The Wilberforce Project at 780-421-7747 for assistance.