The Wilberforce Project is committed to fighting effectively for laws that save human lives.  So far we have been a part of successful efforts to defeat both Motion 514 and Motion 506, which were put forward by NDP MLA Marie Renaud with the aim of increasing abortion rates in rural Alberta, we also led the charge to prevent John Carpay (a distinguished free speech lawyer who has successfully defended pro-life students from anti-speech university officials) from being kicked out of the United Conservative Party for comments he made which were taken out of context. 

We are now focusing on: 
1) conscience rights for healthcare providers,
2) increasing the emergency allowance for pregnant women fleeing domestic abuse,
3) freedom of religion for adoptive and foster parents,
4) parental notification when a minor has an abortion performed upon her.

With your help we can continue to win victories, and continue to save lives through changing laws!   

Please consider a monthly contribution to help us build the structures we need to fight as effectively as we can! 

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Cheques can be made payable to The Wilberforce Project and mailed to PO Box 44121 Garside, Edmonton, AB T5V 1N6.

*If you're already a monthly contributor and would like to change your donation amount please call The Wilberforce Project at 780-421-7747 for assistance. 

Please note that The Wilberforce Project is a registered non-profit and does not have charitable status due to its political activism.