Strathmore Town Council Restricts Fliers with Fetal Elephant Images

Picture credit: Town of Strathmore, in an attempt to keep images of pre-born children from being distributed inside their town, passed a very broad bylaw.

This bylaw put immense restrictions on distributing fliers with "graphic images".

They defined "graphic images" as pictures of a whole, or part, of a fetus.

They then defined "fetus" as a pre-born mammal.

In other words, in an attempt to censor pro-lifers, Strathmore Town Council has functionally banned distributing fliers of ultrasound images of baby elephants door to door.

Not only was their underlying goal, restricting pro-life speech, morally wrong and wildly unconstitutional; but they were cartoonishly incompetent in the way they drafted the bylaw.

Watch this interview with Rebel Media for the FULL STORY.


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We call upon the Town of Strathmore to rescind Bylaw No. 23-27 because this bylaw is overbroad in its wording and, even more worryingly, its stated purpose is offensive to freedom of speech.

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