End Abortion of Children Capable of Feeling Pain


Do you think abortions should occur once the baby can feel pain?



We don't.







 Medical literature confirms that pain sensors are active at 26 weeks gestation, arguably earlier. 
(Source: Medical Journal)



Abortions in the third trimester usually require an Induction procedure - injection and stillbirth
It is described below by an abortion doctor. 



In Canada, abortion is legal through all 9 months of pregnancy and kills approximately 100,000 babies a year.
(Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information PLUS numbers of chemical abortions RU486)



Based off of CIHI report, approximately 4% of abortions occur past 21 weeks. 

Canadian clinics no longer report more specific gestational information.
(Source: CIHI link above. Table 4)



All abortions are funded by tax dollars.



We think abortions should stop when the baby can feel pain.


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