Conscience Rights

At The Wilberforce Project, we believe that everyone deserves human rights.  One of the basic human rights Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms outlines is the right to freedom of conscience (2.a)

Although conscience rights legislation will not reduce the number of abortions happening in Alberta, we believe that supporting members of the pro-life community who work in healthcare is an important part of our job as an organization.  They deserve to have the entire movement in their corner as they fight to guarantee their Charter Rights. 

In Alberta, most professional societies allow their practitioners to have freedom of conscience.  However, in Ontario they used to have the same position until the college of physicians turned on their own members and took away there conscience rights protections.   

That is why legislation is necessary.  It takes away the ability of professional associations to capriciously persecute pro-lifers in their ranks by making the basic right to conscience a matter of legislation. 

Please sign the petition to let the world know that you stand in the corner of pro-life healthcare professionals and that you will have their back!