Emergency Allowance

Unfortunately, across our province there are people fleeing domestic abuse.  They are disproportionately women, often women without independent means who are forced to flee any financial security they have in order to protect their physical safety. 

Currently, the government has an “emergency allowance” which helps those fleeing domestic abuse resettle themselves, it is a temporary situation and is a maximum of $1000 per month.  As you doubtless can imagine, it is very difficult to make it through a month on that. 

However, some of those fleeing domestic abuse are pregnant.  Imagine the enormous stress these women are under.  Not only is their physical safety at risk, but they are homeless, restructuring their life, often without income, and they have the additional stress of trying to make good decisions for their pre-born child.  With glittering dollar signs in their eyes, many in the abortion industry will see in the misery of these women another sales opportunity. 

That is why it is so critical that pro-lifers rally around these women to give them more protection, more information, and more support.  The Wilberforce Project is committed to fighting for an increase of $200 per month for pregnant women fleeing domestic abuse.  This will help cover the costs of things like trips to the doctor and neonatal vitamins. 

The overall impact on our provincial finances will be negligible, but the additional support will be substantial. 

Please sign our petition calling for this increase!