Petition to End Abortion of Children Capable of Feeling Pain

End Abortions When The Baby Feels Pain

Whereas pre-born children develop the ability to feel pain by the beginning of the third trimester (26 weeks gestation) at the latest,1 and

Whereas abortion is legal and taxpayer-funded throughout pregnancy, and

Whereas a pre-born child in the third trimester would feel the abortion being performed on her, and

Whereas torturing a pre-born child to death is wrong,

I, the undersigned, call upon the Parliament of Canada to enact laws which will protect pre-born children who are capable of feeling pain from excruciating deaths by abortion.


1Some studies indicate that pre-born children begin to feel pain as early as 15 weeks. Even pro-abortion institutions acknowledge that by approximately the beginning of the third trimester (26 weeks), they start to feel pain.

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