Communications Report - April 2019

In the last newsletter, we talked about all the plans we were dreaming and drafting. Now, I get to tell you that most of those plans have officially come to life!

The Blog

In February we launched The Wilberforce Project blog, which is available live on our website. In the past two months we've posted over four times and have seen a lot of engagement from our wonderful supporters, like you! I've also receive a lot of encouraging feedback, as well as some great suggestions as to its direction. 

For the next quarter you can expect more posts coming out on politics, and specifically on how we can influence MLA's (don't worry, we'll also cover who an MLA even is). Also for this quarter, I'm excited to cover more of who The Wilberforce Project is and how we offer you value as you fight for abortion to be abolished in Alberta. 

Monthly Donors!

As we talked about in the last newsletter, we were planning to start communicating with our monthly donors on a more regular basis. Since then we've been able to launch a monthly email, curating all of the victories and challenges of the month to keep our generous and consistent investors in the loop. 

Edmonton Benefit for Life Banquet

The last thing I want to mention in this report is the upcoming Benefit for Life. Every year The Wilberforce Project hosts a FREE banquet for pro-lifers to gather, hear about the work that The Wilberforce Project is doing, and have an opportunity to partner with us to end abortion. This year we're expecting over 1000 attendees! Because of the large volume of attendees, we're hosting the banquet on 2 nights, May 10 & 11 to accommodate everyone.

Each year, a group of generous donors sponsor the cost of the entire banquet. This allows all of the donations given at the banquet itself to go 100% to pro-life projects, instead of paying for the cost of the event. Because of the incredible growth of the event, our costs are higher this year, and we're still looking for sponsorship for the last $10,000 of the event cost. 

If you'd like to sponsor the banquet, paving the way for hundreds of pro-lifers to engage in the pro-life movement, please call our office at 780-421-7747. The investment of our generous sponsors continues to see the return of hundreds of new pro-lifers added to the movement each year, and funds to be raised that cover new projects and growth for The Wilberforce Project. 

View the banquet website here for more information on sponsorship or to register for the FREE banquet. 



Katie Campbell
Director of Communications & Donor Engagement,
The Wilberforce Project
780-421-7747 | [email protected]

P.S. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post below, or shoot me an email at [email protected], I'd love to hear from you!