Political Report - February 2019


The United Conservative Party’s (UCP) nomination process is almost wrapped up, with only 6 ridings (out of 87) left to vote. If your riding hasn’t voted, please take out a membership and get involved in the process! 

As it stands, if the UCP wins the upcoming election, then we will have the most pro-life legislature in decades, and maybe ever. The nominations have gone very well for the pro-life movement, however, as always, we now need to keep the candidates who won their nominations accountable and on track to enacting pro-life policy should they win in the general election. 

The next step, once the last nominations are completed, is the general election this spring. The Wilberforce Project is now pivoting our efforts from getting pro-lifer’s nominated to getting nominated pro-lifers elected. We have some big plans to make the pro-life movement a powerful force in the upcoming election, but we will need your help! 

We're currently looking for volunteers who are willing to: 

  1. Do door-to-door canvassing (in select parts of the province)
  2. To make phone calls (from the comfort of your own home!) 

If you can help with either of those two things, then please email [email protected] and let our new Volunteer Director know that you're interested in being involved!



Cameron Wilson
Director of Political Action,
The Wilberforce Project
780-421-7747 | [email protected]


Edit (02-07-2019) In response to recent inquiries: The Wilberforce Project is willing to work with any political party, including the NDP, and we welcome Rachel Notley's recent statement that pro-lifers are welcome in her party. Unfortunately when we reached out to her office to discuss ways we can improve public policy in Alberta, her office gave us no substantive response.