Stop bill C-10

Stop bill C-10 the "Internet Censorship Bill"

The Liberal government is proposing an amendment to bill C-10 that will censor Canadians on social media. This is dangerous and would give government agencies the power to control how Canadians use the internet. Not only is this a threat to the pro-life movement, it is a violation of our fundamental constitutional right to freedom of expression.

We strongly encourage you to contact your MP to ask them to oppose bill C-10

To find your MP and their contact info, Click here.

Sample e-mail below:

Dear (insert MP name), 

I’m writing you about bill is C-10, the internet censorship bill. I am deeply disturbed that the government believes it has the right to regulate private content on the internet. This is a massive intrusion into freedom of speech and freedom of thought. It is a large step down the road to authoritarianism and Canada must not take that step. Please vote against this bill. 

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response and I will be watching carefully how our MPs vote on this matter. 

(insert your name)