Media Articles

The Calgary Herald | January 24, 2018

"If a group like Wilberforce sells bundles of UCP memberships and succeeds in winning nominations, it will have real influence. Kenney would face internal pressure to alter the abortion system." Read more

The Calgary Herald | January 24, 2018

"An Alberta anti-abortion group is encouraging its members to get involved in the United Conservative Party’s policy development process and candidate nominations to ensure the fledgling party adopts 'good pro-life policies.'" Read more

Alberta's NDP | September 14, 2017

"The Wilberforce Project, an Alberta anti-choice group petitioning against an NDP MLA’s motion of the Legislature to support expanding rural abortion services, weighed into the UCP leadership race" Read more

Edmonton Metro | September 14, 2017

"The Alberta NDP caucus issued a statement Thursday asking UCP leadership candidates Brian Jean and Jason Kenney publicize their positions on the issue in response to the Wilberforce Project" Read more