Jason Kenney or Brian Jean?



Before you decide who you're voting for, you might want to see this.

This Thursday at 9am, the United Conservative Party will be opening up the voting to their registered members. The first formal leader of the UCP will be selected by the membership over the next three days, and on Saturday evening there will be a new leader. 

So, who are you planning to vote for? Make sure that you are informed about the candidate that you will be casting your vote for this weekend.


Brian Jean CANNOT be trusted

When asked by Global News about his views on people who support tradition marriage, are pro-life, or socially conservative (minute 4 of video), Brian Jean says that those people do not belong in his political party ...  Listen to the rest of what Brian Jean said about us (go to minute 5 of video).


Vote Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney has had a perfect pro-life voting record and founded the pro-life caucus in parliament. He is the only leadership candidate that can be trusted to be the leader of the United Conservative Party.


I cannot emphasize how important this leadership race is. If Jason Kenney wins, the pro-life movement takes an enormous step forward. If we lose, and Brian Jeans becomes leader, then the pro-life movement will be taking a huge step back.

Please vote.