This Christmas, Give Hope.

Every Christmas marks another year of about 13,000 women and girls in Alberta who have suffered the irreversible pain of losing a child to abortion. And so many of these women later regret their decision.

We know that you want to see these women and their children be protected by law, but how can we make that happen? 

Pro-lifer's need to be identified, and The Wilberforce Project is currently looking to find x number of pro-lifers in Alberta. Once they're identified they need to be engaged and activated to vote pro-life and take the necessary steps to create a law in Alberta.

It takes about $1.00 to identify a new pro-lifer in Alberta, and about $36.00 to activate each pro-lifer to fight for a law that will protect these women and children. 

This Christmas will you give these women the gift of people? People who care deeply about them and their children and who will fight to protect girls, women, and the pre-born from the pain of abortion?

Today would you consider giving hope to these vulnerable women and their children? Hope that, one day, there will be a law to protect them. 


$9,542.00 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00

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