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Do you believe parents should have the right to hope that their babies might live? 
In 2019, twin boys born at 21 weeks were left to die in Edmonton for no other reason than they were too young. Rather than offering potentially life-saving medical care to the twins, the medical team refused to intervene. 

Read the heart-wrenching story of these twins whose lives were cut short. 

This story is a powerful example of the kind of law that is missing in our province and country. We need the Right to Hope: that parents of children born prematurely have a right to request medical help for their child if there is the slightest chance of that medical help saving the life of their child or reducing their child's pain. 

The Wilberforce Project advocates for more information, more support, and more protection for girls, women and the pre-born - like these precious twins. We share this story to honour their parents’ desire that other babies might receive care and that parents receive the chance to hope. 

We are currently working with the parents, contacting MLAs, policy writers and lawyers, to see how we can help babies born alive in Alberta. We can offer no guarantees, but we do offer our commitment.  

Our organization is running at full capacity so to take on this powerful, local and recent story, we need additional resources. Unfortunately, donations have been down and we have a $25,000 fundraising need. Can you please give today and help babies born alive? 

P.S. You can also show your support for the Right to Hope by signing and sharing our petition. 

Please note that we are a registered non-profit and do not have charitable status due to our political work.

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