Fulfill Your Pledge

A message from our Executive Director:

Our incredible interns have blown past our expectations! Inside of two months they: 

  • Designed their own campaign pro-life print material 
  • Recruited over 70 volunteers 
  • Mapped out two key ridings in Edmonton 
  • Called 3,500 Albertans to encourage them to take a pro-life fridge magnet 
  • Planned and executed a professional door-knocking campaign 
  • Placed pro-life literature at doors of over 16,700 Albertans 
  • Delivered pro-life “About Abortion” magnets to 1,337 homes
  • Collected 3,255 signed petitions to end Pain Capable Abortions  

AND of those petitions...3,131 were new pro-life members to our network! 

These six interns have completely blown me away by the level of professionalism, dedication, and the sheer results that they have achieved. In fact, they achieved over DOUBLE the target we had set for them. 

I believe this internship has the potential to significantly change the future of our province. Here’s how: 

  • If each year we can add at least six pro-life campaigners to the political arena who will become future political staffers, campaign managers, and in time, candidates, 
  • And each summer we can target key ridings and identify over 3,000 new pro-lifers in each riding, 
  • Then inside of 12 years (3 election cycles) we will have: 
    • Produced 72 new political players
    • Identified 36,000 more pro-lifers supporting potential laws
    • Conversed with and hand-delivered pro-life materials to over 200,000 Albertans at their front door 

What will Alberta look like then? Or, more importantly, what will Alberta look like if we don’t? 

Can you please help me? I have a board meeting on October 18 and we will be discussing next year's projects. So far, we are dipping into our financial reserves to cover the final costs of the internship, which means that the project was not fully funded this year. While we all love the impact of the internship, I know that the board can only approve to run the project again if it is financially viable. 

Will you please make a sacrificial contribution today? With your help, we will get better at each internship we run and, God-willing, produce even more each summer. Meanwhile, let's celebrate the 3,131 new pro-lifers identified this summer and remember that we are on the side of truth, science, compassion and love. 

This, my friend, is just the beginning. Thank you for your continued support. 



Stephanie Fennelly 
Executive Director 

P.S. We have lost several monthly donors due to COVID-19. If possible, would you please consider making a monthly donation? Even $10 a month can go a long way.

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