Donate to the Right to Hope Campaign


To honour the one and a half hours that these parents held their children, watched them kick, breath, and move, while being denied any medical care for their sons who were fighting to live, we are asking YOU to give the equivalent of an hour and a half of your workday.  See the chart above for an estimate.

Donate today so we have the campaign resources to advocate for these critical changes (see petition) and modernize archaic AHS policies so parents in Alberta and their premature babies have access to care and the right to hope. 

Together we are providing more information, more support, and more protection for girls, women and the pre-born - like these precious twins and their parents. Let's move this campaign forward and tell our government we want HOPE!


*The Wilberforce Project is a registered non-profit and does not have charitable status due to its political activism.  Businesses that donate can receive an advertising receipt upon request.