No to M-506

NDP MLA Marie Renaud introduced M-506.  M-506 is a private member’s motion which asks the government to increase abortion related resources “in all Albertan communities.”  If more government resources are made available to make abortion easier (and hence put more girls, women, and the pre-born at risk), then there will be more children killed by abortion. 

This misguided motion ignores the fact that Alberta’s debt is currently over $60 billion and that there are very real healthcare priorities in most Albertan communities which need to compete over scarce dollars.   

Why should the government embark on expanding program spending on abortion when someone in Red Deer is up to 70% more likely to die from a heart attack than someone in Calgary?  That’s not to mention even smaller or more remote areas like Cardston or High Level, which face their own enormous healthcare challenges. 

The financial situation is so desperate that some people are even calling for nine rural hospitals to close, which would further exacerbate the resource stresses which already exist in rural healthcare.  Yet the NDP believe that the government should be spending this money on abortion instead of on saving the lives of rural Albertans. 

We the undersigned call on the MLAs of the Alberta legislature to reject M-506. 

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